A Fourth Grade Web Page

The Struggle For Spring

by A Wagar Child

Dec. 4, 2001

I was lying in the ground thinking about what plant I might be. Suddenly it started to rain. The rain turned to snow and the snow turned to hail.

The hail hit the ground and packed it in. That damaged my shell a bit. The hail damaged my shell more and more. Soon my shell was almost cracked open. If my shell opened I would die. If my shell wasn't there my current insides would die from the cold.

Later the hail stopped. I was relieved but there was still snow and the cold. I wished that the sun would melt the snow with its rays. After a few weeks of snow and hail it did but only for a day. But that day gave me enough warmth and sunlight to survive the winter. After that fateful day the weather grew worse than ever. The hail hit harder. The snow layers thickened.

I thought I had no hope of surviving.

One day the weather started to decrease and the next day the sun broke through. It got better and better every day. Then it was a perfect sunny day. But the next day it rained and during the rain something amazing happened. My shell came off and I felt roots grow down and I sprouted out of the soil and grew a mouth.

I looked down at myself. I was a venus fly trap. But I was confused because venus fly traps and other plants that eat grow in poor soil. But I guessed it just happened.

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