Degrees of Separation Results

Regrettably, I am little short of disk space to properly support this database. If someone could loan me about 30 terabytes of space, it would sufficiently augment my 10 megabytes to make this database possible. But to spare people from having to wait for their full degrees of separation listing to be calculated every time they looked at it, it would be nice if I could borrow an additional 200 exabytes. It would also help if someone could arrange to have everyone log an and add their lists to the database. And, as I am sure you can imagine, I might need a bit more computing power to process the lists. If someone has a network of a few thousand PC's they are not using, that would get the ball rolling. I could just arrange to borrow unused cycles and memory from all the computers on the net, but this is just not practical with today's hardware and software base. So please drop me a note if you have these resources available.

The much abbreviated results might look like this:

1 Degree 2 Degrees 3 Degrees 4 Degrees 5 Degrees 6 Degrees
Andy Anderson Roger Abbot Pamela Anderson Bill Clinton John Major Ngobe Abu
Bruce Bacon Josh Brook Kevin Bacon Tommy Lee Jones Boris Yeltsin Nanook
Carl Cohen Doug Demming Bob Harding Robert Redford Deng Xiaoping