Wagar Family Tree

The picture and info below is over 20 years out of date, but you
can see my current accurate family tree on my FamilySearch site.

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Old Genealogy
Here is a complete textual list of all the genealogical information I have ever typed up. It only shows direct ancestors, tabbed in by their respective generation, followed by whatever other data I have on their birthday (b), marriage (m), or death (d), and their siblings. Please excuse the difficult to read format; it was the best web-readable format I could do in 20 minutes. Note that much of the Wagar information has been crossed with info from http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~weegar/

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----Cxhxrxixsxtxoxpxhxexr S. Wagar b 11/10/92
----Bxrxixdxgxext N. Wagar b 9/13/96
----Mxaxtxtxhxexw R. Wagar b 9/13/96
----father: Steven L. Wagar b 2/20/1962, Natick, MA, m 9/15/1990, Darien, CT Siblings: John (b 11/25/1959), Bruce (b 12/29/1960), Jennifer (b 7/4/1966)
-------father: W. Warren Wagar b 6/5/1932, Baltimore, MD, m 12/19/1953, Kokomo, IN, d 11/16/2004, Vestal, NY Siblings: Winnifred Mae (b8/17/1934, d11/11/1936)
----------father: Walter Warren Wagar b 5/21/1901, Cambridge City, IN, d 5/21/1939, Lititz, PA Siblings: Karl (b 3/13/1892, d10/27/1943), Winnifred Grace (5/21/1894-11/17/1987), Louise (b 5/19/1910, d6/17/1969)
-------------father: William Delbert Wagar b 3/13/1868, Constantine, MI, d 2/11/1959 Sibling: Hannibal (1/2 brother by 2nd wife)
----------------father: Francis Wagar b 2/13/1837, Canandaiga, NY (alt in Pittstown, Rensselaer, NY), d 1920 Siblings: 8 John (abt 1827), Esther (1829 in Westchester Co, NY), Cornelia (1831), Ephraim (abt 1833), Joshua (abt 1837), Stephen (abt 1839 in Westchester Co, NY), Obijiah (nickname Bije) (1/13/1841 in Westchester Co, NY), Elizabeth A. (abt 1843)
-------------------father: Lemuel Wagar b 4/12/1799, Phillipsburg, Putnam Co., NY, Lemuel and 8 children all settled in St. Jos. Co., MI, d4/22/1852 Sibs 9: Abraham (5/28/1792, m Hannah Washburn, d3/11/1884 in Constantine, MI), Catherine (5/13/1796 in Rensselaer Co. or Ontario Co., NY, m ? Hutchins, d2/10/1878 in Cheshire, Canandaigua, NY), Mary (6/19/1801 in Rensselaer Co. or Ontario Co., NY, m 4/14/1821 Stephen L. Francisco, d bef 1865), Hester (1/6/1804 in Pittstown, Renssellaer Co, NY, m1/8/1826 Marvin Gage), d1871), Christina (b3/20/1806 in Pittstown, Renssellaer Co, NY, m abt 1822 Joshua Washburn, d5/31/1844 in Gorham, Ontario, NY), John (11/30/1808 in NY), Elizabeth (4/13/1811 in Ontario, NY, m Marshall Stearns, d11/12/1829), Cornelia (b6/13/1813 (alt 6/17)), Caroline (m Highland/Heland Mapes), Orpha Ann (1/10/1818, m Lorenzo Dow Gage bef 1840, d6/4/1884 in Gorham, Ontario Co, NY)
----------------------father: Eberhard "Ephraim" Wagar b 5/24/1766 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., NY, d 4/7/1848 in Gorham Twp, Ontario Co., NY, 10 children Sibs: 8 Jacob (9/26/1755 Rhinebeck, m1784 Mary Folleby "Faulky" Hare,d7/10/1827), Mariah Barbara (9/10/1757), Margaretha (6/22/1760), Anna (alt Hannah) (3/18/1762), Johannes (6/12/1764,m1786 Margaret), Catharina (alt Catharine) (7/27/1769 Rhinebeck), Magdalena (4/9/1772 (alt 4/8) in Rhinebeck, d 5/15/1851 in Grafton, Rensselaer, NY), Elias (10/4/1774)
-------------------------father: Eberhard Wager 3/17/1727 (alts 1726; 4/17/1727) in Poppenweiler, emigrated ca 1750 to Dutchess Co., NY, m12/22/1754, d1796 Sibs: 8 Catharina (12/15/1729), Maria Agatha (1/17/1732 (alt 1731)), Barent (alt Bernhard) (9/27/1734), Maria Barbara (3/6/1736,37), Maria Barbara (1/2/1738,39), Johann Friedrich (9/6/1742,m1768), Anna Maria (8/23/1746,m1768), Daniel (1/12/1749,50,m1774 Maria Klein,d8/31/1826)
----------------------------father: Johann Bernhard Weger b 1/31/1698 (alt 1697), Poppenweiler, Germany m (1) bef 1727, m (2) 1/29/1726 (alt 1727,28), d 3/25/1757, tailor Sibs: 9 Anna (1/15/1685/86,m1705 Hans Jerg Zoller), Hans Jerg (1/9/1687/88,d1764 Dutchess Co., NY), Margreta (Margretha) (9/24/1691, m1719), Johann Jakob (8/25/1693, m1716, d3/22/1748), Hans Joerg (4/10/1696, m1717, d1764), Johann Bernhard (self), Unnamed (b&d 11/6/1698), Catharine Barbara (12/14/1700), Hans Christianus (10/15/1702), Johann Leonard (5/23/1705, d aft 1775)
-------------------------------father: Leonhard/Leonhardt Weger b 1/1656 (2nd source 10/1/1665) in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m 2/5/1684, d 2/2/1731, Poppenweiler, Ger, tailor, Sibs: Margaretha (5/2/1649, d bef 1652), Barbara (12/3/1650), Margaretha (8/30/1652), Christianus (12/27/1654 in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m (1) 1676 Margaretha N. Wegerin, d10/20/1691), Georg (12/6/1657, d4/10/1696), Johannes (8/7/1661)
------------------------------------------sib: Margaretha, b 5/2/1649, d bef 1652
------------------------------------------sib: Barbara, b 12/3/1650
------------------------------------------sib: Margaretha, b 8/30/1652
------------------------------------------sib: Christianus, b 12/27/1654 in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m(1) 8/1676 Margaretha N. in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m (2) 9/16/1690 Maria Majerin in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, d 10/20/1691 in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District
------------------------------------------self Leonard, b 1/1656 (2nd source 1655) in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m 2/5/1684 (2nd source 1683/1684), d 2/2/1731 in Poppenweiler, Ludwigsburg district
------------------------------------------sib: Georg, b 12/6/1657
------------------------------------------sib: Johannes, b 8/2/1661
----------------------------------father: George Weger b 1620/1625 in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m (1) 6/4/1648, m (2) 5/18/1672 to Barbara Hoesch, d 1676-1684 (alt 1680) Sibling: Mathias (2/23/1636,37)
-------------------------------------father: Thomas Weger b ~1590-1593 in Spital Bistum of Salzburg, Austria, m ~1615, d ~1647, bef 6/4/1648 m (1) Eva and m (2) Gertrodus (child Ambrosius 12/6/1641) Sibs: Erasmus (m1637, Ottillia), Reupert (2/25/1616,17), Eva (5/16/1620), Florian (m1630, Brigitia), Balthauser, Gerdrut
----------------------------------------father: Casper Weger (alt Caspar) b ~1560, m ~1585, d ~1645, near Radentheim Austria Sibling: Gregory
-------------------------------------------father: Christian Unterweger Sibling: Benedict Note: Picture of home he lived in in 1596
----------------------------------------------father: Georg Unterweger b bef 1564
---------------------------------------------------Ancestors: Mertl, Jacob, Adam Unterweger Lived in same home in 1479
----------------------------------------mother: Ursula
-------------------------------------mother: Eva
----------------------------------mother: Margaretha Treher b 4/10/1626 in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District, m6/4/1648, d 1665 in Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District
-------------------------------------father: Leonhard Treher b of Zell on Aichelberg, Goeppingen District
-------------------------------------mother: Barbara Griebler b abt 1600
-------------------------------mother: Anna Catherine/Catherina Schaufelein (alt Schaufflein) b 5/30/1662, m 2/5/1684 in Bayer, Oberdayern, Neidlingen, Germany, d 12/22/1726 in Poppenweiler, Ludwigsburg district
----------------------------------father: Jacob Schaufelein, b abt 1632 Germany
----------------------------mother: Maria Barbara Bez b 4/2/1710 in Poppenweiler, Ludwigsburg, Wurttemberg, Germany, d 2/17/1778 Poppenweiler,Germany
-------------------------------father: Johannes Bez
-------------------------------mother: Anna Maria
-------------------------mother: Catherine Scheever b 10/17/1736, m 12/22/1754 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess, NY, d 1791 Sibs: 11 Anna, Jacob, Elisabeth (1737, m1761 Barent Wagar, d3/30/1825 Ghent, NY), Susanna (7/8/1739), Rebecca (8/18/1748), Magdalena (8/18/1748), Rebecca (11/24/1756), Adam (6/28/1758), Magdalena (8/13/1759), Phillipp (6/13/1763), ? (1746)
----------------------------father: Johann Adam Sheever (alt Johan Shafer), b 4/3/1715 in West Camp, Ulster, NY, m abt 1735 in NY, d10/1772 in Rhinebeck, NY, Sibs 8: Johan Phillip (9/7/1713, d10/6/1713), Johan Jacob (1717), Johannis (2/6/1718,19,d6/2/1719), Anna Maria (bd11/4/1722), Regina (1724), Anna Barbel (bd9/27/1726), Anna Elizabeth (12/24/1720), Anna Elizabeth (9/27/1726, d1766),
-------------------------------father: Justus Hendrick Sheever (alt Jost Henrich Shafer), b 1674 in Wattenhiem, Kaisarslautern, Pfalz, Prus (alt abt 1695 in Nassau on Lahn, Coblentz, Germany), m 9/5/1710 in Rhinebeck, Duchess, NY. (alt in West Camp, Ulster, NY), d1743 in Rhinebeck, NY
-------------------------------mother: Susannah Agnes Seibel, b abt 1680 in Hardenburg, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany. (alt b1681 in Henweiler, Pfalz, Rhineland, Germany), d1768 in Rhinebeck, NY
----------------------------------father: Hans Ebert Seibel b abt 1655 in Hennweiler, Rhineland, Prussen, Germany, m abt 1678 in Hennweiler, Rhineland, Prussen, Germany.
----------------------------------mother: (wife) b abt 1659 in Prussen, Germany.
----------------------------mother: Gertraut Elizabeth Feller, b 12/20/1720 Albany, NY, d aft 1784 Sibs (6) Catrina (1733), Wilhelmus Helmus (1725), Rebecca (1729), Catrena (7/14/1723), Catherine (1731), Rebecca (3/22/1737,38)
-------------------------------father: Johann Philip Feller b abt 1690,1694 in Guntersblum, Worms, Germany, m 9/18/1716 in Lutheran Palatin, NY (alt West Camp, Ulster, NY), d abt 1764,1767 in Rhinebeck, Duchess, NY, sibs (6-8?) Catherine (5/31/1700, d1777), Catherine (1705, d1760), Margaret (1708), Margaret(1710, mJohn Christman), ? (1712), Mary Elizabeth (7/26/1712, mGeorge Helts)
----------------------------------father: Nicholas Feller b abt 1660-1675 in Gunterblub, Hochgraff Lennig, Germany, m abt 1697, d abt 5/28/1762 in Burnetsfield, German Flatts (Herkimer), NY.
----------------------------------mother: Mary Elizabeth Braun b abt 1660-1678 in Rhineland, Germany, d aft 1734.
-------------------------------mother: Catharine Elizabeth Rown (alt Catherine Rau) b abt 1695 in Oppenheim, Hessen, Germany.
----------------------------------father: Nicholas Rown b abt 1675 in Oppenheim, Germany, m abt 1694
----------------------------------mother: Gertrude Steenhof (alt Steenhop) b abt 1671,1675 in Oppenheim, Germany. Sibs: 6 Elias (1662), Joahnnes Matthaus, Maria Martha, Adjdius, Anna Maria, Agnes (1679)
-------------------------------------father: Johann Wilhelm Steinkope (11/5/1638 in Oppenheim, Germany, m8/25/1661 in Oppenheim, Germany, d1/31/1699,1700 in Oppenheim, Germany)
-------------------------------------mother: Anna Maria Quintin
----------------------mother: Cornelia Francisco b3/11/1774 in Schagticoke, Renssalear Co., NY, m2/3/1791, d10/22/1852 in Washburn Cem, Gorham Twp, Ontario Co., NY Sibs: Alida/Olive (b8/15/1776, m unknown Wagar, d bef 1865), Sarah "Sally" b2/25/1778, m (1) 12/31/1797 Philip Wager, m (2) Lemuel Dwelle, d5/19/1846), Laventje (2/10/1781, m9/15/1799 Lemuel Dwelle, d2/11/1840), John A. (1/9/1783, m abt 1803 Elizabeth Near/Nehr, d4/13/1827), Michael A (2/14/1786, m11/23/1809 Mary Elizabeth Blackford, d12/14/1864), Hester/Esther (5/16/1789, m Joseph VanVleck, d3/6/1837), Elizabeth (12/11/1790, m abt 1816 Richard Washburn, d2/15/1855), Henry A. (b5/20/1794, m (1) 2/29/1816 Catherine Overacker, m (2) Rachael S.L. ?, m (3) Eliza ?, d9/2/1875), Clarissa "Clary" (12/26-27/1796, never m, d9/26/1852)
-------------------------father: Abraham Francisco b2/12/1751 in Gansegat, Essex Co, NJ, m8/25/1773 in Albany, NY, d bef 4/8/1826 in Gorham, Ontario, NY Private in 14th Regiment of Albany County Militia Sibs: 12 Hendrick (8/1/1745, m2/7/1779 Jane Titchout), Thomas (8/20/1747, m Elizabeth Mandeville, d1815), Johannis (7/3/1749, m Abigail, d12/21/1832), Laventje (4/8/1753, m11/6/1782 Gerrit Voorhees), Anna (3/7/1755, m 1816 Jacob VanNess, d4/23/1842), Levi (3/12/1757, m (1) 3/5/1778 Sarah VenDerCook, m (2) 11/28/1786 Charity Carpenter, m (3) Abigail Noble/Nobley, d1/2/1844), Rev. Cornelius (12/4/1759, m12/12/1779 Anna Demarest, d1/12/1837), Micheal (1/12/1762, m6/16/1783 Annatje (Hannah) Wager, d1848), Jannetje (Jane) (10/29/1765, m Abraham Garrison), Alida "Atie" (2/19/1767, m7/15/1784 John VanNess, d11/28/1833), Jacob, Elizabeth
----------------------------father: Johannis Francisco (aka Jean Francois/Ffranser/Fransisko) b9/7/1724, d aft 4/16/1771 13 children
-------------------------------father: Hendrick Francisco
-------------------------------mother: Levyntje VanDerCook (1705)-(1767)
----------------------------mother: Aeltje Doremus b12/14/1725, m4/30/1745
-------------------------------father: Thomas Cornelius Doremus 1687-(1748)
-------------------------------mother: Anneken Abramse Ackerman 1691
-------------------------mother: Hester VanDerCook b11/14/1752 in Essex Co, NJ, d12/7/1842 in Middlesex, Yates Co., NY
----------------------------father: Michael VanDerCook b11/10/1715 in Gansegat/Horseneck, Morris Co., NJ, d11/2/1786 in Pittstown, Renssalaer Co., NY
-------------------------------father: Michael VanDerCook d abt 1740
-------------------------------mother: Saertje Joosten b abt 1676
----------------------------mother: Cornelia VanNess b abt 1719, d 1775-1780
-------------------------------father: Simon Hendricksz VanNess 1666-(1733)
-------------------------------mother: Hester Delamater 1683-(1748)
-------------------mother: Abigail Purdy b4/10/1805, from Fishkill, NY, m ~1825
----------------mother: Eva Holmes b 6/21/1847, Fort Wayne, Independent
-------------mother: Gertrude Grace Coe b 5/23/1869, Flint, IN, d 11/6/1952 Siblings: Alma, Alta, Elizabeth, Bertrand
----------------father: Polaski Coe b 2/16/1833, Rutland, VT
----------------mother: Elinor Beers b 7/10/1840, Victor, NY
----------mother: Laura May Stoner b 3/26/1909, Philadelphia, PA, m 1/6/1930, Philadelphia, PA, d 10/15/1990 Siblings: Marion (b 6/10/1905, d6/13/2001), Hazel (b 1907, d5/1967), Harold (b 8/24/1912, d11/1971), Norman (b 1/8/1916, d5/17/1973)
-------------father: Harry Willis Stoner b 2/12/1876, Philadelphia, PA, d 10/31/1923, Philadelphia, PA Siblings: William, Howard, Samuel, Benjamin, Edward, Charles, Annie, Eva, Elizabeth
----------------father: Samuel Stoner b 1833?, Lancaster Co., PA
-------------------father: David Stoner b 1794, Illinois/Indiana Note: Drove a herd of cattle from Ill/Independent w/brother to PA.
-------------------mother: Mary b 1795
----------------mother: Elizabeth English b 1834, Lancaster PA, d 1925
-------------mother: Laura C. Nimon b 6/9/1885, Philadelphia, PA, d 1951 Siblings: Walter, Anna, Harold
----------------father: John Nimon b 1848, Ireland, d 1901 Siblings: Matthew, Joseph, Annie, Sally, Ella, Robert
----------------mother: Sally Roberts b 1847, Bucks County, PA, d 1901 Siblings: James, George, Charles, Ed, Frank, Herbert
-------------------father: Abinus Roberts b 1818, America, d 1912 Note: Family from Wales
-------------------mother: Margaret Sipler b 1820, d 1916 Note: Already a 5th generation American

Beginning of Mother's Side:
-------mother: Dorothy B. Wagar b 7/22/1936, Grand Marais, MN, m 12/19/1953, Kokomo, IN, d 6/29/2023 Endicott, NY Siblings: 2 Margaret (b11/26/1934), John Alden (b6/25/1938)
----------father: Garvey Bruce Bowers b 12/28/1909 Stillwater, OK, d 9/4/2007 Sun City, AZ Siblings: Copeland (b~1902, d~1980), John Alden (b1907-1908, d4/23/2000)
-------------father: John Hugh Bowers b 8/10/1875 Upper Tract, VA, d 4/26/1923 Pittsburg, KS
-------------mother: Pearl Elizabeth Copeland b 10/23/1875, Forest, PA, m 4/28/1900?, d 5/17/1964 Siblings: 4
----------------father: Daniel F. Copeland b2/26/1844, d 12/30/1920 Siblings: 4
-------------------father: Alden Parcus Copeland b 8/22/1801, Orange, VT, d 2/5/1852 Venango, PA Siblings: 8
----------------------father: Joseph Copeland b 4/27/1765 Siblings: 8, Joseph was 3rd
-------------------------father: David Copeland (Jr.) b 5/14/1738 in Milton, MA, d ?, Siblings: 9, David was 4th (1st son)
---------------------------------------sib: Rachel, b 8/25/1729, d 10/5/1745
---------------------------------------sib: Mary, b 2/14/1731/32 in Milton, MA, m Joseph Crane 11/13/1750, d 5/28/1766
---------------------------------------sib: Hannah, b 2/12/1749/50; d Unknown.
---------------------------------------self David, b 5/14/1738 , d ?
---------------------------------------sib: m (1) Elizabeth Clapp 11/29/1759; b 7/1/1741 in Norton, MA, d ?
---------------------------------------sib: m (2) Martha Putnam 9/1/1778
---------------------------------------sib: Moses, b 4/06/1741 in Milton, Ma, m (1) Patience Sweet 1761, m (2) Margaret Schaeffer, d 6/2/1817
---------------------------------------sib: Newcomb, b ?, d ?
---------------------------------------sib: Elizabeth, b 1/12/1745/46 in Milton, Ma, d 2/25/1839 in Mansfield, MA; m Jonathan Newcomb, Jr 2/9/1769
---------------------------------------sib: Joseph, b 3/19/1746/47 in Milton, Ma, m Sarah Melony 1/29/1768, d 8/24/1829
---------------------------------------sib: Rachel, b 2/12/1749/50 in Milton, Ma, m Seth Vose Abt. 1765, d Unknown
---------------------------------------sib: Hannah, b 11/3/1734 in Milton, MA, m Seth Crane 1756, d 5/17/1762,
----------------------------father: David Copeland (Sr.) b 4/15/1704, m 12/1/1725, d 4/15/1750, age 46 Siblings: 8, David was 5th
------------------------------------------sib: William, b 3/7/1693 or 94, m 6/15/1718 to Mary Thayer, d 1760, at least 7 children
------------------------------------------sib: Ephraim, b 2/11695 or 96, d 1766
------------------------------------------sib: Ebenezer, b 2/16/1696 or 97, m 2/?/1724 or 25, d 1773, at least 1 child
------------------------------------------sib: Jonothan, b 8/31/1701, m 1723, d 9/11/1790, at least 1 child
------------------------------------------sib: David, b 4/15/1704 d 4/15/1750
------------------------------------------self Joseph, b 5/18/1706, m 7/23/1735, d 1/26/1793, at least 3 children
------------------------------------------sib: Benjamin, b 10/5/1708, m 11/21/1734, at least 1 child
------------------------------------------sib: Moses, b 5/28/1710
-------------------------------father: William Copeland b 9/15/1656 or 11/15/1656, m 4/13/1694, d 10/30/1716 Braintree (now Quincy) MA, age 59, Siblings: 8, William was 3rd
----------------------------------father: Lawrence Copeland b 1610 (2nd source 1612) in England, m 10/12/1651 in Braintree Norfolk, MA, d 12/30/1699 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA. Came to Mount Hollister, MA 1630, Siblings:
------------------------------------------------sib: Robert, b abt 1610 in Dolphin Leigh, Cumberland, England; died in Braintree, Norfolk Co. MA.
------------------------------------------------self Lawrence, b abt 1612 in England; d 12/30/1699 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA At 87. He married Lydia Townsend 10/12/1651 in Braintree Norfolk, MA.
------------------------------------------------sib: John Copeland, born February 24, 1615/16 in Dolphin Leigh, Cumberland, England; died 1682 in Isle Of Wight, VA.
------------------------------------------------sib: Elizabeth, b abt 1617 in Northumberland, England. She married Porter Abt. 1637.
------------------------------------------------sib: Francis, b abt 1619 in Northumberland, England.
------------------------------------------------sib: Henry, b abt 1621 in Northumberland, England.
------------------------------------------------sib: Mary, b abt 1623 in Northumberland, England. She married Rolls.
------------------------------------------------sib: James, b abt 1623 in Of Northumberland, England.
------------------------------------------------sib: Susan, b abt 1625 in Northumberland, England. She married Consent Abt. 1645.
------------------------------------------------sib: Thomas, b abt 1627 in Northumberland, England; died 1693 in Barbados.
-------------------------------------father: Lawrence Copeland b abt 1590 in Northumberland England, m bef 1610 in Northumberland, England, d bet 1630 - 1640 in Dolphin Leigh England
-------------------------------------mother: Ruth b abt 1590
----------------------------------mother: Lydia Townsend b 1630 in Lynn, Essex Co MA, m 12/12/1651 in Boston, Suffolk Co MA, d 1/8/1688 (2nd source 1687) in Braintree, Norfolk MA
-------------------------------mother: Mary (Bass) Webb b2/11/1668, m 4/13/1694, 4/10/1725 Braintree (now Quincy) Siblings: 6 MA (2nd of three marriages) Sister: Hannah, b 6/22/1667, m ~1688 Joseph Adams, d 10/24/1705, Hannah's son John Adams, b 2/8/1690-1, d 5/25/1761, John's son John 10/19/1734-5, d 7/4/1826, John's son John Quincy Adams b 7/11/1767
----------------------------------father: John Bass of Braintree b 1632, d 9/12/1716, age 84
----------------------------------mother: Ruth Alden b 1634, m 2/3/1657, d 10/12/1674, She was ancestress of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, Siblings:
------------------------------------------------sib: John, b 1625 or 1626; d 3/14/1702
------------------------------------------------sib: Elizabeth, b 1622 or 1623, d 5/311717 age 94 m 12/26/1644 to William Paybody
------------------------------------------------sib: Joseph, b 1627, d 2/8/1697
------------------------------------------------sib: Sarah, b 1629, married Alexander Standish. They had 7 children.
------------------------------------------------sib: Jonathan d 2/14/1697, m 12/10/1672. They had 6 children.
------------------------------------------------self Ruth, b 1634, m 2/3/1657, d 10/12/1674
------------------------------------------------sib: Mary, They had 9 children.
------------------------------------------------sib: David, b 1646, d 1719, married Mercy, daughter of Constant Southworth (Gov. Bradford's step-son.) They had 9 children:
------------------------------------------------sib: Priscilla
------------------------------------------------sib: Rebecca
------------------------------------------------sib: Zackariah
-------------------------------------father: John Alden (Deputy Governor) b bef 9/12/1598 of Southampton, Hampshire, England, m 5/12/1522 (bef 1623, in 1622), d9/12/1687 Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, age 89
----------------------------------------father: George Alden b 1580, d 1620; a second source says father: Thomas Alden b 1571
----------------------------------------mother: Jane ; a second source says mother: Isabel b 1575
-------------------------------------mother: Priscilla Mullins, b abt 1600-1602 of Dorking, Surreyshire, Englandd. bet 12/1/1686 and 9/12/1687, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA, age 85
----------------------------------------father: William Mullins, b ~1558, d 1620
----------------------------------------mother: Alice (?) b 1574, d 1621
----------------------------mother: Elizabeth Bent (or Newcomb)
-------------------------mother: Elizabeth Clapp b 7/1/1741, m 11/29/1759 (2nd source 1757)
----------------------mother: Sally Downer b 8/31/1776 Royalton, VT, m 9/10/1793, d 11/5/1854 Warren, VT
-------------------mother: Rachel Fleming b 1815, d 12/1891
----------------mother: Rachel Evans Connely b 12/9/1840?, m 5/1867, d 8/22/1914
----------mother: Clara Elizabeth Marsh b5/26/1909, m6/30/1933, d7/12/1994
----mother: Mary Regina D e l y o n a s b 1/16/1963, Stamford CT, m 9/15/1990, Darien CT Siblings: Barbara, Sue

A poem by one of my ancestors:

Ancestors are nice to have
We could hardly do without them
And if they made the page of fame
We strut and boast about them

But there are those who think that souls
Who have lived out life's brief span
Still hang around their earth's abode
To watch the works of man.

So when I think of ancestors
Who have crossed the "Great Divide"
I wonder if they view my life
With the same exultant pride.

Pearl E. Bowers

First drawing of family tree from 7/11/1998 before many holes were filled in: Genealogy

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