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Our House

Soon to be in a major motion picture!

Constructed August 1995 - January 1996

Here it is, year 2000.
And shots from all angles
courtesy of search.live.com
Here is the maps.live.com aerial view:
Here is an older satellite shot, courtesy of

Ok, I'm going to do some seamless panorama shots soon, but for now...
Here is a composite view of the backyard looking from pool to house.
And the same view from the house to the pool (June 24, 2000).
The pool cam shot.

Here it is in 1996.

Early sketch of east elevation (front)

Almost all framed up.

2nd draft, 1st floor

2nd draft, 2nd floor

Final draft, 1st floor

Final draft, 2nd floor

See the construction of the pool in 1999!

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