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Pi (rounding is permitted)
The unaddressed flaw with the Pentium chip
Most universally prescribed damaging medical treatment
Word with 5 vowels in reverse order
Only 20th century head of government to give birth while in office
Actual location of Atlantis, the Lost Continent
Only place on net with decent images of Mandelbrots and tree frogs
State losing population the fastest, state gaining the fastest
Whether dinosaurs had warm blood or cold
Largest meat-eating dinosaur
Only source on net of maze and Kopi Luwak coffee information
Smallest positive integer equal to the sum of two distinct pairs of perfect powers of four


It should be named Quintium or Pention. Quint- and -ium are Latin, Pent- and -ion are Greek. I imagine we will see Hexium before Sexium or Hexion, too.



Benazir Bhutto, January, 1990, Pakistan

Crete. This is right. Other theories are flaky.

Tom Karzes's Home Page

Pennsylvania (Amish) --> Nevada (Craps dealers)

Warm, or close to it.
Or at least, not cold the way reptiles are. They wouldn't have been able to move their large bodies at all without someting like the energe warm blood provides. And yet warm-blooded animals burn 4 times the energy. Creatures would be hard pressed to have gotten that big, given that they had such small mouths, if they burned that much energy. Note that recent (April, 2000) evidence of a fossilized dinosaur heart shows a single aorta and a four chambered heart, which is like modern mammals. But the fossilized heart might not really show this -- the jury is still out.

Carcharodontosaurus (i.e. "shark-tooth lizard")

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        635318657 =     59^4 +     158^4 =     133^4 +     134^4
                  = 12117361 + 623201296 = 312900721 + 322417936

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