Teddy's Page

Teddy of Mouse Island

Born June 13, 2007

Teddy at 2 Months
Teddy as Yoda

See the whole Teddy Set on
Flickr by Yahoo

...from the Good

...to the Bad

...to the Ugly!

And we have some special pictures not found on Flickr:

Bridget holds Teddy
the night we picked him up:

(Sep 21, 2007)

Teddy had scads of
siblings (2) and cousins,
some brown,
some champagne.

Mary holds Teddy the
night we picked him up:

Teddy thinks about
coming out of his
carrier for the first
time at his new home.

Teddy shows he can stand
up on two legs.

Teddy dresses up in his
elephant costume for

Teddy sleeps with his

Teddy gets a little wild eyed.

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