Welcome to the Degrees of Separation Database

Just send in a list of everyone you know personally, i.e. with one degree of separation. In order to qualify as one degree of separation, the people on your list must also know you.

A name on your list will only be considered valid if that person's list lists you as well. Otherwise, it is just retained as "possible".

Then click Sort by Degrees of Separation, and everyone in the world will be listed alphabetically under the column heading showing the number of degrees of separation to that person. Since all people in the world are supposed to be linked to you by no more than six degrees of separation, you should find no more than 6 columns.

Double click on someone's name in column 3, and a window will pop up showing all paths of 2 people from you to that person. You can reduce the degrees of separation to many people by sending e-mail to someone in column 6 and getting to know them. Then, when both of you list each other on your lists, you will have reduced the number of degrees of separation to perhaps billions of other people as well.

While it is harmless to list people you don't know, since they won't list you, it will be a crime to conspire with someone you don't know (without getting to know them) to list each other on your lists. Of course, a suitable punishment must be established for such crimes. Banishment to Antarctica is tempting, but establishing a permanent banished population could skew the Degrees of Separation Database as well, so perhaps a course in statistics appreciation is the safest route.

Note: We are still collecting lists from everyone, so please bear with us if everyone on earth doesn't show up yet when you sort.