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Yes, it is sad but true: the succulents now have their own page, too!


Bruce and me
in our heyday,

(sadly, you just can't
buy polyester in that
quality any more)

From left:
Texas Instruments SR-40
Texas Instruments SR-55
Texas Instruments SR-56

Originally this page showed a digital picture I took of of the slide projected on a wall, but the picture at the right is a scan of the original slide.

Bermuda in 2000

At Parrot Jungle
in 2000
Warren with Bridget
Christmas, 1997

Here we are in Florida,
early 1998
Mike, Larry, Jenny, Brian, Tom

Me at age 41,
when I still had some hair.

Snack foods reach a fevered
pitch of commercialism in 2000.

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[Editor's note: in 5 years, the purple pie slices have grown a bit larger, but no new slices to add. 2003]

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